He Said Mummy!

Yep. My boy said mummy. Today he just decided was the day and he said ‘hello mummy’ and then he kept saying mummy alllllll day. And it was beautiful. 

He’s 3 years 1 month and 24 days old. I’ve waited a loooong time to hear the word ‘mummy’ come out of his gorgeous chubby little mouth. It was worth the wait. 

When I first found out for sure that Omar had a speech delay I blogged about how worried I was that he wasn’t talking and how desperate I was to have little chats with him. It’s hard to convey to people how much a ‘speech delay’ affects almost everything. It doesn’t sound serious but in reality it is. It’s not just that Omar is a late talker, his understanding is delayed too. There have been times that I’ve despaired that he would never talk, never understand, never say mummy. And while he’s still very delayed I can see that he has made progress and he’s trying and that’s all I ask of him. 

I will confess something I’m not proud of – I’ve been scared that Zaki would say mummy before Omar. I’ve been hoping it wouldn’t happen. I can’t lie, it would hurt to see his younger brother by 2 years ‘overtake’ him. But now Omar has said it I can happily work on Zaki saying it too. 

There have been some really dark days over the past 12 months as I’ve come to terms with Omar’s problems but today has been a great day. Whatever happens, however much he talks or doesn’t talk, he’s my gorgeous, beautiful, happy boy and I wouldn’t change him for all the world. 

To any other parents going through the struggle of having a speech delayed child I promise you this – it does get better. 

4 thoughts on “He Said Mummy!

  1. This is the last thing I read tonight before I go to bed and do you know what Hun, it’s made my sodding day.
    I’m over the moon for you!!!
    I’ve been there.
    I hear you.
    We were 4 years 1 month before the word mummy was said by Zak.
    It felt like it would never happen, but it did.
    Omar will continue to improve, I just know it, and you’re such a wonderful mummy he’s already won half the battle.
    You deserve some good luck.
    Awesome news.xxx

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    1. Thank you so much Gem ❤️. I know you know how it feels. It gives me hope when I see how well Zak is doing now, getting awards from school and playing with his brothers and generally just being a happy little soul! These kids really do put us through the mill but they’re worth it 😊 xxxxx


  2. Oh, how wonderful. Your baby boy is beautiful, both ur boys are. I am so happy for you that you got to hear him call you mama its the sweetest thing. To many more such moments 🙂

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