Will You Be Happy?

Late at night, when I’m trying to drift off to sleep, long after you and your little brother have gone to sleep, I have questions whirring around in my head. And they’re mostly about you. 

Will you understand your birthday this year? Will you tell me what you’d like for a gift? Will you say thank you when people give you presents? Will you understand how old you are? Will you learn to count to ten? Will you know the alphabet?

Will you go to the local school? Will you enjoy it? Will you make friends? Be good at sports? Will you join a football team? Have a best friend and go to his house for tea? Invite your friends over for sleepovers and eat pizza and make too much noise and stay up all night?

Will you write your name? Will you read a book? Tell a joke? Will you like music? Be a good dancer? Join a band? Go to gigs? Learn to drive? Get a car? 

Will you have a job? Move out? Live alone or maybe with a housemate?

Will you have friends? Will you meet someone special? Will you get married? Will you know what it is to be in love? Will you share your life with someone you are in love with? Will you have children?

Will you be happy? Will you be content? Will you enjoy your life? 

Will you be happy?

Above all else. 

Will you be happy?

The only question that really matters is this one and I hope and I pray that the answer is yes. 

I keep telling myself, none of the rest really matters. You just need to be happy. 

And I promise you I will do everything I can to make sure you’re happy. I will always do everything I can. 

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