Clarisonic Review

I wrote this review a while ago for guest list on another blog but I’ve recently fallen back in love with my Clarisonic after forgetting about it for a while so I’m re-publishing it here…

While I was pregnant for the second time I noticed that my skin became extra oily and my pores even more noticeable. Already feeling like a huge frump, the last thing I wanted was terrible skin, so I decided to invest in a Clarisonic facial cleansing system. There are several different types available but I opted for the Mia 2 Deep Pore Decongesting Solution, which seemed perfect for me because the box read ‘Reduces pore appearance and helps control excess oil on skin’s surface, for visibly clearer looking skin’. Great, just what I needed!

 So I handed over £140.00 (ouch!) and headed home with what I hoped would be my new skincare saviour. Inside the box was a white deep pore Mia 2 cleanser with deep pore brush head attached, 177ml deep pore daily cleanser, 60ml decongesting clay mask, charger and a hard travel case. I was also given a free travel bag as part of a promotion.

That evening, after I had removed my makeup, I was excited to use the Clarisonic. I followed the instructions, splashed water on my face, put a penny sized amount of the daily cleanser straight onto the brush head and got to work on my face.

The Clarisonic uses patented sonic frequency and the brush head moves at a rate of over 300 movements per second. There are 2 speed settings on the Mia 2 and a 1 minute timer. I must say, I loved the feel of the Clarisonic against my skin, I could feel the dead skin and dirt faking away. I had to resist the temptation to keep using it for one more minute. Twice daily for one minute each time is what Clarisonic recommend.

Clarisonic claim a visible improvement will be seen after just one use but I didn’t really believe that would be true. However let me tell you – it is! My pores were tighter, especially on my nose, and my skin felt so amazingly soft I couldn’t stop touching it. I was so impressed and immediately felt it was a justified spend.

Several months on and I still use the Clarisonic daily. It is now part of my morning and evening skincare routine. When the daily cleanser ran out though I didn’t replace it. I went back to my old faithful Johnson’s Clean and Clear. I’ve used so many facial cleaners over the years, from Clarins to Superdrug’s own brand, but I find this cheap and cheerful choice great for my oily skin.


I use the decongestant clay mask weekly and I still have some left. A little goes a long way and it’s very easy to spread, unlike a lot of clay masks. I find that a weekly application is enough to really clean my skin and unclog my pores.

Overall I’m very pleased with the Clarisonic Mia 2. We can never totally remove our pores, it just isn’t possible, but using the Clarisonic definitely makes mine appear much tighter and smaller and helps me keep my oily skin under control.

A totally unfiltered selfie to show you my skin.

Hidden Gem

Once in a while I find something so wonderful, that excites me so much, that I want to shout about it and tell everyone I know how great it is. It might be a book, an item of make up, a quirky little independent online shop; anything really. But then once I’ve let my gorgeous find out into the open I almost always regret it, I get sort of jealous and wish it was my little secret again. That’s probably going to happen with this restaurant I’m about to tell you about, but I’m banking on the fact that I have zero followers (and if I ever happen to get a follower, they’re unlikely to go to Hull) to protect it from getting so popular that I can’t get a table anymore.

Kurdistan Restaurant in Hull looks so ropey from the outside that you just know the food is going to be amazing, and it is. Every time I go to Hull (which is around 50 minutes away from where I live and a journey across the Humber Bridge) I try to squeeze in a trip to Kurdistan, which is a little way out of the city centre shopping area. A few days ago I went to Hull with the husband and baby while my oldest boy was at nursery and Kurdistan didn’t disappoint. 

The interior of the restaurant is fairly basic, but clean. The decor is perhaps a little strange but there is plenty to look at while you wait for your food. To be honest, I don’t go there for the ambiance or the decor; it’s all about the food.

Although there are a lot of meat dishes, there is also plenty for vegetarians to choose from too. The bread is fresh and served warm and complimentary delicious traditional Kurdish tea is served after the meal. Win!


  Another win is the price of the food here. These dishes plus two soft drinks cost us £16! Can you believe it?! I’d think there was something suspicious about the source of the food if it weren’t for the fact that it’s so flippin’ tasty and the restaurant is full of Kurdish people eating there. Always a good sign!