Strange Day (Project 366 – Day 22)

Strange old day today consisting of a funeral and a kid’s party. Pain and sorrow from weary souls, followed by absolute delight and excitement from fresh, innocent tots. 

Here’s a photo from the latter portion of the day:

It pains me to think that a day will come when he will know pain and sorrow. I mean he thinks he knows it now (for example when I confiscate his football because he’s launched it at his brother for the sixth time that morning)  but I hope any real heartache is years and years and years away, if it ever has to come at all. 

Beside the Seaside (Project 366 – Day 20)

Although I moan a lot about this little town I live in, I do really love the fact I live by the seaside. 

The summer months are my faves but it can be so pretty in the winter too.