Coffee Stop (Project 366 – Day 14)

This weather is the pits! Is there really any need for wind and rain AND snow all at once?! It’s so tempting to just hide away indoors but Omar’s like a puppy and needs regular exercise. So just go get out of the house we went for a walk today to our local High Street. Bad decision. Not only was the wind stinging our faces but my hair turned into a massive frizzy Afro and threatened to team up with Omar’s Afro to create some sort of super-Afro frizz bomb. 

Anyway, the only one who didn’t get wet was Zaki, who was all cosied up in his pram snulgy and smugly pleased with himself, I’m sure. 


We stopped off in a coffee shop to regroup and allow mine and Omar’s hair to calm the hell down before making the perilous 10 minute journey home. 

Apart from the dreaded soft play has anyone got any ideas for winter activities for toddlers? I’m really not a fan of mud though. 

Sleeping Siblings (Project 366 – Day 11)

These two. Sleeping. Love. 

Omar refused to nap today. I was gutted, thinking he was cutting out naps altogether now and I could kiss goodbye to my blissful toddler-free hour of an afternoon. Then he fell asleep on me at around 4pm so I allowed him 10 minutes before waking him up. But in his sleepy, gorgeous state he manoeuvred himself onto the sofa next to his sleeping baby brother and snuggled down for more of a snooze.

I should have woken him u to avoid the hellish bedtime we’ve just experienced but they just looked so cute that I couldn’t bring myself to. Nothing at all to do with the fact that I was enjoying a hot cup of tea and catching up on Eastenders. Nothing to do with that. 

Instafame! (Project 366 – Day 10)

Ugh I am massively failing at this. It’s 10.59pm, I’m in bed and have just realised I haven’t taken any photos today. 

I’m not giving up though so here’s a screenshot instead. Pretty pleased that Tobias & the Bear used one of my photos on their Instagram feed! And how cute are these outfits that my sister bought for the boys?!

If you’re on Instagram come say hi! I’m @mamaaintraisinnofools on there 😊. 

Resorting to a Selfie (Project 366 – Day 9)

Ok I know I promised less boring photos that aren’t just last minute snaps of the kids but to be honest I haven’t done much today. I went shopping in town but unless you want to see chavs and ne’erdowells there isn’t anything remotely worth photographing there. 

So here’s me and my smallest having a mirror selfie:


That’s all I’ve got for today folks, sorry! Project 366 is really showing my life up to be honest!

Nail Fail

Pre-children I used to have my nails done every 2 weeks and yesterday, as I was walking past the nail salon with an hour to spare, I decided I’d have them done for old times sake and to cheer myself up after a crappy few days. 

Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding between myself and the lovely Vietnamese nail technician, who seemed to be filing my nails into some sort of arrow shape?! Was this just a new method of filing? Would the end result be ok? No. No it wouldn’t. Stiletto nails! She was giving me stiletto nails! 

The offending nails themselves
Being terribly British I couldn’t bring myself to tell her until she was onto the third nail. She was mortified and offered to take them off and start again but I didn’t have time and told her it’d be fine and to carry on. It’s not really fine. 

It’s not really fine because I’m now basically unable to cope with life. Not only are these nails essentially pincers, they also have some serious camber on them! Here is a little taster of what I cannot do with these godforsaken nails:

  • Send a text that makes any kind of sense
  • Use the self service checkout in Tesco
  • Open the back of Mr Potato Head to retrieve his spectacles at the request of my toddler (thus resulting in said toddler having a nervous breakdown)
  • Take just one baby wipe out of the packet (taking at least ten out at once is achievable, however)
  • Pick up a pound off the floor after dropping it (resulting in walking away from the pound and being disproportionately sad about it for the rest of the day)

As you can see, it’s a pretty sorry state of affairs. Plus the pincer-nails make my already sausage fingers look positively Cumberlandish. On the plus side, I imagine these pincer-nails can be used in lieu of a hot drinks stirrer or a screwdriver. Always handy things to have at your fingertips.

Moral of the story: never feel shy to tell the Vietnamese nail technician that you didn’t ask for pincer-nails today.

Bedtime (Project 365 – Day 8)

I’m not very good at remembering to take photos for this, so I’m ending up with a load of snaps of the kids at the end of the day when I finally remember. Sorry about that! Will make a real effort to take more interesting photos from now on, promise!

But for today here’s a blurry one of Omar in bed, just at that moment when I forgive him everything (including destroying my new Jo Malone candle with a spoon) because he’s so cute and small and my heart’s about to burst with love. 

(Fifteen minutes after this photo was taken I was growling and hissing at him to get back in bed like a woman possessed after finding he’d escaped from his cot, emptied all the clothes from his chest of drawers onto the floor and smashed the frame with his scan photo in it. I take back the small and cute stuff and actually I am still pissed off about the candle.)

Project 366 – Day 1

My sister gave me a fancy new camera for Christmas so I’ve decided to do Project 366 this year. As far as I understand at, all I need to do is take a photo everyday for a year. Sounds doable, although I can’t guarantee the quality of the photos or how interesting they’ll be. Let’s be honest, I also can’t guarantee I’ll get past the third week in January with this project but I’ll give it a shot. 

So here is day 1’s photo

Believe me when I say, this was the best of a bad bunch of 73 photos I took of the kids in the bath. And the reason this was my subject matter is because I only decided to try Project 366 while they were in the bath at the end of the day. So it was either them or me in my pj’s and nobody needs to see that. 

Oh well, it can only get better!