Little Snoopy Bargain! (Project 366 – Day 39)

Not the best photo of Zaki but how cute is this jumper?! My sister found it in H&M for the bargainous sum of £1! Yep, one English pound! 

We had a Snoopy video we watched over and over again when we were kids (although in hindsight it was really weird – Snoopy had a row with Charlie Brown, ran away from home, ended up encountering loads of ‘No Dogs Allowed’ signs and moved in with a girl who made him wear a dress and have tea parties.) But anyway, I’ve had a soft spot for Snoopy since then so I totes love this jumper.

Here’s hoping my sisters finds more £1 Snoopy bargains!

Swimming Lesson! (Project 366 – Day 38)


At Zaki’s last check up with his cardiologist he was given the all clear to go swimming so I bit the bullet and booked a course of swimming lessons for both boys with Puddle Ducks. 

My first impressions were good and both Omar and Zaki had a whale of a time. Omar really surprised me by following the instructions well and not having any tantrums at all, even when he got dunked! (By the instructor, not by me, although I was considering it.)

I’ll blog more about Puddle Ducks once we’ve been a few more times but I’m really hoping the boys continue to love it. So far so good!  

Rusky Business (Project 366 – Day 37)


I know it’s not the done thing these days to give your baby a rusk but Zaki had one and he absolutely loved it! He was making all kinds of appreciative chomping noises and actually cried when he’d finished it, haha!

Weaning has been more difficult with Zaki than it was with Omar. To start with he wasn’t keen on solids AT ALL. He would spit everything out and screw his face up. After about 3 weeks he got used to eating and would tolerate it but still wouldn’t put anything in his mouth of his own accord, so baby led weaning was out. 

5 weeks on and the situation is much easier now. He will happily gnaw away on toast, banana, courgettes and of course rusks!


Pancake Day Fail – Project 366 (Day 40)

Poor old Omar had to make do with poxy pancakes from McDonald’s this year because I was too poorly to make any. I wouldn’t recommend them by the way, they had the texture of cardboard and didn’t really taste like pancakes according to my mum. 

I’ll have to make extra special pancakes next year to make up for it. 

Wear Red Day (Project 366 – Day 36)


If you’re a regular reader of my blog (and thanks if you are!) then you’ll know that raising awareness about congenital heart defects is an issue that’s close to my own heart because of my baby boy, Zaki, who was born with one. 

Friday 5th February was Wear Red Day. The idea is that wearing red will get people talking about heart defects and heart disease and also raise money for the many amazing heart charities out there that do vital work. 

My boys were if course in red and I wore red accessories for the day. I didn’t own any red clothes and thought that rather than buy some I’d donate the money I would’ve spent to the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund, along with my usual donation. 

When Zaki was in Intensive Care after his surgery so much of the equipment in there had been donated by the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. They also offer so much support to children and families affected by congenital heart defects; it’s an incredible charity. 

It’s not too late to donate if you want to either. You can text anything from £1 to £20 along with WEAR16 to 70070. 


Car Selfie (Project 366 – Day 35)


This photo is being included in Project 366 purely because it was an extremely good skin day. Thank you Estée Lauder! 

If you’d like to see what my skin is like pre-make up application you can read my post here on Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation and how amazing it is. 

Puppy Love (Project 366 – Day 34)


Just before Christmas a friend of mine got a new family pet, a Bichon Frisse dog called Arthur. 

As soon as they met, Omar and Arthur became great buddies. It’s the first time Omar has been this close to a dog and it was so cute to see how happy he was to meet Arthur!


The photos aren’t great, I was taking them with my phone whilst holding Zaki, but I really wanted to capture how excited Omar was by Arthur the pup. 

That being said, we won’t be getting a dog. Ever. There’s enough mayhem in this house as it is! But at least I’m now prepared for the fact that Omar is probably going to be one of those kids that asks if we can get a dog 50 times a day between the age of 4 and 16. (My brother was also one of those kids.)

If you’re thinking of getting a dog, it seems Bichon Frisse’s are child-friendly. Arthur was just as happy to meet Omar as Omar was to meet him and I was never once worried that he was going to bite or nip him. If he can put up with Omar he can probably put up with anything. 

Can Cook, Won’t Cook (Very Often) (Project 366 – Day 33)


I really envy those people that find cooking therapeutic/satisfying/fun or whatever. To me it’s just a chore. When I put my mind to it I’m not a bad cook, I just find it so dull and feel like my time could be better spent elsewhere, rather than in the kitchen, so I usually take the easy option and cobble together fail proof meals that take minutes rather than hours. Old faithfuls like cottage pie and spag bol. 

But once in a while I will make a complicated Middle-Eastern rice dish or an Algerian favourite of my husband’s, such as the dish in the photo above. It’s my husband’s absolute fave and it actually tastes a lot better than it looks or sounds. 

The main ingredients are 1 small onion, 3 or 4 cloves of garlic, 3 chicken pieces on the bone, 3 medium potatoes, 2 eggs and usually chick peas (but I didn’t have any in so I missed those out). 

First of all the onion is chopped, the garlic is crushed and they are lightly fried in olive oil in a medium sized pan. Then the chicken is added to the pan for a couple of minutes, along with salt, pepper and ground mixed spice to taste. Water is then added – just enough to cover the chicken – bring to the boil and then simmer for around 20 minutes. 

This is the weird part (well I think it is) – while that is going on peel the potatoes and cut into chips. Sprinkle with salt and then fry in oil (or use some other healthier method). Once cooked transfer to a frying pan and pour 2 whisked eggs over them. Then fry. (Yep, you are making a chip omelette. Told you it was weird.)

Once the chicken is cooked throw the chip omelette into the pan and sprinkle with fresh parsley. Once it’s dished up some fresh lemon juice really adds to the flavour. 

I know it sounds odd to our sensible British pallets but it’s actually pretty tasty, honest. Calorie-wise we’re probably talking thousands though so be warned if you ever happen upon this dish. (Highly unlikely unless you’re planning a trip to Algeria!)

Pre- Birthday Excitement! (Project 366 – Day 32)

Look at what a lucky girl I am this year! I have all of these cards and gifts to open in the morning. And to make it even more exciting I haven’t a clue what a single one of those presents is!

My husband isn’t usually great at getting organised for things like birthdays but this year he’s made a real effort and there are even cards in that pile from each of the kids. I really don’t mind what the presents are or how many there are and I’m sure there’s nothing flashy, but I’m just so appreciative that a huge effort has been made. 

When I was younger my mum always used to love receiving cards with lovely verses inside and if she was ever choosing a card for someone she would take an age picking one that conveyed the message she wanted to give. I didn’t understand, I barely read the cards and was all about the presents. But now I really get it. I can’t wait to read those cards in the morning. 

My Baby is 1 in 100 (Project 366 – Day 31)

Shout out to Zaki who was born with a heart defect but has always been perfect to me ❤️. 

February is congenital heart defect awareness month. If you would like to donate to the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund please text Wear16 and the amount to 70070. We are forever grateful to them for what they did for Zaki ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.