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I’m not sure this blogging thing is for me. In a nutshell here’s why: I’m not fake-nice enough; I don’t like failure; I’m impatient. 

When I started blogging I joined a heap of Facebook groups to learn some tips and find out what I needed to be doing. Those groups gave me some valuable practical info but they also sucked me in and made me temporarily care about things like the domain authority of my blog (DA- basically how popular it is) and trying to get picked to review products so I’d get some freebies that I didn’t actually want. 

In order to get a good DA score (and then get the freebies or paid work) bloggers have ways to help each other out. They comment on each other’s posts, they like and share for each other on Facebook, they retweet, they have ‘linkies’ where they link their posts back to each other… etc etc. 

I get why they do all of that and I’m not hating on it, but what’s the point of writing if the only people reading are other bloggers? Other bloggers who don’t even really want to read but are doing it so you’ll read theirs. 

Well yeah, I know, the point is to increase the DA and get the free stuff… okay, that makes sense. But that’s not why I wanted to blog in the first place. 

I know there are some bloggers who don’t care about what they write, or who reads, they’re only doing it for stuff/money, and that’s fine, I’m sure they’re happy with that deal. Here’s my problem – I’m over the free stuff and I don’t want to write drivel anymore. I want to write stuff that people want to read because they’re interested in what I have to say. Even if that’s only 2 people. And one of them is my mum. (Hi mum.)

To get to levels of receiving the really good free stuff and getting paid a decent amount to put my name to something,  I’d need to be a pretty popular, almost full time blogger. To get there I’d have to write about drivel and pretend to care about other bloggers boring posts. I haven’t got the patience. I’m not fake-nice enough to do it. I can’t bring myself to comment ‘cool post’, just for the sake of commenting, on something that really didn’t interest me in the slightest. If other people were leaving insincere comments on my posts I wouldn’t appreciate it either.  I’d be embarrassed about it. Like I’d received a pity comment or something. 

One of my fave writers is Cash Carraway and she recently closed down her very popular and in parts amazing blog, The Comeback Mum, because she didn’t want to continue with the freebies and soul-less writing. She didn’t want to censor her voice anymore. Respect to that mama. She’s still writing, she’s just ditched the crappy aspects of being a blogger and forsaken the freebies and money to stay true to herself. And I love that. 

There’s also this other blog called Days Since The World Ended that I just can’t get enough of. It’s no frills, bare souled, open, raw, honest writing and I’m so invested in this lady’s life, I have to keep reading until there’s a happy ending. She doesn’t give a damn about her DA, nothing on there is contrived, there are no collaborations, no reviews it’s all just real and that’s what I love. 

So from now on I’m going to accept that ‘successful’ blogging is not for me. I’m going to write about what I want. No pointless posts, no collaborations, no crappy reviews, no fishing for comments and no joining linkies. I’ve deleted a load of old posts too. 

I know hardly anyone will be reading and that’s cool. I’m not going to be checking my blog’s DA and I’m not going to be asking to review products. This will just be my own self indulgent little spot from now on.

So thanks for reading (Mum) xx

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