Guess Who’s Back?! (Clue: it’s not Shady)

After completely falling out of love with my blog I’m here with my tail between my legs, saying sorry, desperately trying to rekindle our romance. At this stage I really don’t know if the blog will forgive me and take me back but maybe if I prove how much I regret leaving, it can all work out. 

So life has changed somewhat since I last meaningfully wrote anything. I’m now a single mama. As seems to be a theme in my life (probably all of our lives), it’s not what I planned, it’s not what I envisaged, but here I am. And actually, it’s ok. Maybe in the future I’ll write more about my marriage and marriage breakup but for now it’s all still a bit fresh and raw. 

Having the kids has definitely helped me get through though. They don’t give me a minute to wallow. All wallowing must be done when they’ve gone to bed and frankly, by that time, I’m too tired for a pity party. The kids, my mum and my sister have been the MVP’s in Operation Be OK, for sure. 

And shout out to my friends. I have some AMAZING, gorgeous friends and I love them all. Old friends who have stood by me, despite me not being the greatest friend to them whilst I’ve been married. And new friends who have got me through some dark days recently. Never underestimate the power of a girl gang you guys. 

But enough of the soppy stuff now, I’m going to wrap this up and blog about proper stuff soon. I just wanted to break the ice really and gently dip back into the blogging world rather than going for a full on 30 ft dive straight off the bat.

Tune in for rants about Tories, updates on speech and language delays and and my annual Christmas struggle coming soon!