Valentine Bore

Am I the only one not feeling the Valentine vibe? I don’t know why but I just can’t get into it. And I usually love an occasion. Any occasion will do – Pancake Day, Halloween, Eid, Christmas – I really get carried away and go to town on the celebrating. I LOVE the seasonal aisle in the supermarket, I love buying tat that will only be used for one day. I love it! I’m a brilliant example of a consumer. I fall for every cheesy advert going. 

But Valentines Day just fails to enthuse me. My Instagram feed tonight is full of photos of couples having romantic meals together and gushing captions about “forever Valentines” and “he still looks at me like he did when we first met”. I can’t get on board. It just makes me cringe. 

I was in Tesco on Friday, I saw the cards and what not and just couldn’t be bothered to have a look and choose one to give to my husband. I had even less inclination to think of a gift to get for him. For once I’m actually hoping he hasn’t bothered to get me a card or present either. (The chances of my hopes coming to fruition are very good.)

I briefly, for a split second, considered making one of those voucher books for him today so that I could whip it out on the off chance he does present me with a gift. You know the type of thing – ‘IOU breakfast in bed’, ‘IOU [insert an activity you really don’t want to do but occasionally feel you have to out of a sense of duty]’. Needless to say I thought better of it and ditched the idea. 

Am I just a hardened old hag who’s lost all of her sense of romance?! I really can’t work out why I’m not scattering rose petals about the place and demanding we exchange cards and presents whilst taking Instagram friendly photos. It’s a mystery. 

2 thoughts on “Valentine Bore

  1. You’re not alone!! I’m the same. I think it’s more for couples when they’re dating or looking for love, don’t see why we should all just conform to one day to show the one we love how we feel (best I didn’t yesterday because he managed to annoy me so much I wasn’t ‘feeling the love’ anyway 😂🙈 Men…)

    I’m like you, love an occasion but just not into Valentine’s. My kids are however and were outraged daddy didn’t get mummy anything 😂 Hopefully they’ll be romantics when they’re older, unlike their daddy – I’m lucky if my hubby remembers Mother’s Day and my birthday!

    Go to the supermarket today and buy yourselves some reduced roses and chocolates, you’ll feel great after nabbing a bargain! 👍🏻 xx

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    1. I think it’s fine if it’s not forced but for me and my husband celebrating Valentine’s Day would definitely be forced!
      Definitely more for the young whipper snappers who are still looking for a man/woman to sweep off their feet!
      Hooray for reduced chocs and flowers anyway! 👌🏼 xx

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