Rusky Business (Project 366 – Day 37)


I know it’s not the done thing these days to give your baby a rusk but Zaki had one and he absolutely loved it! He was making all kinds of appreciative chomping noises and actually cried when he’d finished it, haha!

Weaning has been more difficult with Zaki than it was with Omar. To start with he wasn’t keen on solids AT ALL. He would spit everything out and screw his face up. After about 3 weeks he got used to eating and would tolerate it but still wouldn’t put anything in his mouth of his own accord, so baby led weaning was out. 

5 weeks on and the situation is much easier now. He will happily gnaw away on toast, banana, courgettes and of course rusks!


15 thoughts on “Rusky Business (Project 366 – Day 37)

      1. Oh you poor love!!! I’m so sorry she gave you that news but, do you know what, Zak was given that label and he’s picked up so much. It’ll take time but I promise you it’ll be ok…and it’s not your fault!!!!xxx

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      2. I’m no expert and I don’t know your little lad but from what you’ve said and his age, I’m sure it’ll be ok and he will catch up. You’ve already had such a tough time with your baby, it seems so unfair.
        Chin up chick.xxxx

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