Scraping the Barrell (Project 366 – Day 21)

Have hit an all time low on the photo-taking front. Totally forgot until I’d gone to bed but my OCD wouldn’t let me miss a day out, so without even getting out of bed I leaned over and took this:

 By some miracle the flash didn’t wake the baby up THANK GOD. 

Now my stupid brain is free to go to sleep safe in the knowledge that my Project 366 is up to date, albeit the most boring Project 366 of all bloody time. 

Chintzy Dresser (Project 366 – Day 18)

Yet again I have failed to take a photo of anything interesting and I simply can’t subject you to further photos of my offspring. So here’s a bit of my house instead:  

This is the dresser in my kitchen, painted with my own fair hands.

Although I tend to prefer modern, cleaner looking decor these days I do still like the odd bit of chintz. My house is over 100 years old and has lots of character, so I think it can pull it off. And you can’t beat a bit of Emma Bridgewater can you?!

6 Months Old (Project 366 – Day 17)

My smallest gorgeous boy is 6 months old today! How can that be?! He’s halfway to being a year old and I can’t cope with how fast time is whizzing by. 

If you’ve read my any of blog before you might know that Zaki was born really poorly, he had a congenital heart defect called Transposition of the Great Arteries which I wrote about there.

He very nearly didn’t make it, which makes every milestone that little bit sweeter. I’m just so grateful and blessed, he makes my heart burst with love and pride. He went through so much but he’s such a smiley, happy, contented baby. 

How lucky am I?

Six months ago and today. Forever grateful to the NHS.

Meltdown (Project 366 – Day 16)

Pre-park meltdown (note the lack of actual tears) because I wouldn’t let that motley crew of teddies in the background tag along. After 10 minutes of tantrum there’s nothing else for it but to whip out the camera and snap a shot to embarrass him with on his 18th 😂. 

Sometimes I’m tempted to just give in to his ridiculous demands and probably too often, I do. Other times I firmly stick to my guns, fearing that I’m raising a brat. Nobody likes a brat. 

In the grand scheme of things carting soft toys to the park is no big deal but I’d said no and he’d had the mother of all paddies. If I’d then relented his cunning little self would believe that paddies = own way. He’s so strong willed, as these toddles are wont to be, and really doesn’t need any of his tactics reaffirming. 

That droning fake-cry noise they’re so good at really is the pits though isn’t it? I’m not the only one coping with this crap, am I?

Tax Hell (Project 366 – Day 15)

I’m pretty sure I’m one of the most disorganised people on the planet. I seem to function best when I’m in a last-minute panic and “the fear” has set in. “The fear” being the terrifying prospect that I’m going to miss the deadline/bus/wedding. All of my best uni assignments were done at the very last minute and any exam revision I did was done the night before. My method works, I get decent results. But it’s bloody stressful. 

Which brings me to today’s photo, which in itself is stressful to even look at: 

My husband owns a shop and I do pretty much all of the admin stuff, including the tedious tax return. In true Me style I’ve left it until the last minute, which means I’m now spending every free minute trying to get it done before the looming deadline.

It’s quite handy in a way though because the deadline is just before my birthday, which usually means my husband is so relieved I’ve done it on time that I get a decent present. Win! Told you my method yields decent results 😁.

Coffee Stop (Project 366 – Day 14)

This weather is the pits! Is there really any need for wind and rain AND snow all at once?! It’s so tempting to just hide away indoors but Omar’s like a puppy and needs regular exercise. So just go get out of the house we went for a walk today to our local High Street. Bad decision. Not only was the wind stinging our faces but my hair turned into a massive frizzy Afro and threatened to team up with Omar’s Afro to create some sort of super-Afro frizz bomb. 

Anyway, the only one who didn’t get wet was Zaki, who was all cosied up in his pram snulgy and smugly pleased with himself, I’m sure. 


We stopped off in a coffee shop to regroup and allow mine and Omar’s hair to calm the hell down before making the perilous 10 minute journey home. 

Apart from the dreaded soft play has anyone got any ideas for winter activities for toddlers? I’m really not a fan of mud though. 

What a Smile (Project 366 – Day 13)

  Post-bath gorgeousness. 

Frankly I was too cold and tired to do anything much today so I pottered at home with baby Zaki while toddler Omar was at nursery. 

Zaki still can’t sit up unaided so we’ve been working on that today but he isn’t keen and prefers to flop over then cry. 

He hardly sleeps at the minute either. The last 3 nights he’s been waking up around every 20 minutes between midnight and 5am but doesn’t seem to want anything other than comfort. It’s a good job he’s so cute is all I can say…