The Baby Won’t Sleep! (Project 366 – Day 26)

Zaki. Does. Not. Sleep. Honestly, he hardly ever sleeps. I’ve never heard of a baby like it. This photo was taken at 10pm and he was showing no signs of going off to the land of nod anytime soon. I finally got him to sleep at 11.30pm but he was awake again at 2am for 2 hours. 

In the daytime he barely naps, in fact he naps less than his 2 year old brother! I’ve tried to make him nap more because I’ve heard that ‘the more they sleep, the more they sleep’, but it didn’t work. I’ve tried to make him last the day with no sleep at all and that didn’t work either. 

He’s never grumpy from being over-tired, never cries because he wants to go to sleep. If I didn’t rock him for an hour and force him to drift off I don’t think he’d ever actually sleep! 

Has anyone else had a baby like this? Was there any reason behind it? I just don’t understand it. Sleep is the best, sleep is my favourite, why won’t he sleep?!

3 thoughts on “The Baby Won’t Sleep! (Project 366 – Day 26)

  1. Ah, you poor poor love.
    My first was like this. Never slept, never napped, just had a complete sleep aversion and it drove me bonkers!!
    Sadly I have no advice really. My non sleeper didn’t really sleep through until he was 18 months old when we turned his cot into a bed…that very night, he slept. Seriously, what is that about?!
    Sadly I am a firm believer in that fact that some people just don’t need much sleep, and it would appear your little one is one of these candidates.
    My eldest, even to this day and he’s 7 now, stays up late some nights (10pm) and is still up at 7am like a spring chicken.
    Hope you get some sleep soon, it may get easier once he is on the move and wearing himself out a little more…hold onto that! Xx


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