The Beach with a Toddler (Project 366 Day 25)

I blame Instagram for this whole sorry ordeal. I see amazing photos on there every day of families having lovely times in various lovely places with their lovely children. All so happy. All so calm. Ha ha ha, how they all laugh and frolick! Such fun!

Cut to me bundling the kids into the car, wellies packed, picnic sorted, we’re going to the beach, we’re going to have a nice time. Such fun!

Although it was January, the weather was very mild and the tide was out. Perfect. Omar could burn off some energy running on the sand, eat his picnic and then get home exhausted enough to want an early night. 

I managed to get him and the pram onto the sand then let go of his hand and let him run. Here’s what went down. 

Basically, he gravitated towards a huge pool of water under the pier and more or less had a swim whilst simultaneously whinging because it was freezing and manky. I then had to wade in and drag him out because despite the whinging he refused to get up. 


Obviously feeling he wasn’t in quite enough of a mess he then rolled around in the sand to ensure his soaking clothes were also caked in the stuff. Again, he refused to get up so I had to wrestle him and the pram to the car. 

We got home and I was the only exhausted one. Instagram lies. 

4 thoughts on “The Beach with a Toddler (Project 366 Day 25)

  1. 🙈😂🙈🍸
    Oh goodness me!!! I totally feel your pain and have been there on many an occasion. You just wonder why on earth you bothered don’t you!

    I’m sorry I laughed so much at your photos (which are lovely by the way!) – it’s just his little face and I totally know what you’d have been thinking whilst it was all kicking off 😂

    Maybe a cinema day at home today… 🍻😂


  2. Ha,never ever works out the way you want does it!Fab photos though just not quite in the “Instagram perfection” category but in all hob=nesty I prefer the photos that look more real than the perfectly styled ones x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks. There are a few ‘Instagram perfect’ photos on my Instagram feed but they were the result of 409 shots taken in quick succession to get a flukey decent one and quite frankly who has got the time to be doing that crap every day?! I’m like you anyway, I prefer to see the reality not an edited version xx

      Liked by 1 person

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