Coffee Stop (Project 366 – Day 14)

This weather is the pits! Is there really any need for wind and rain AND snow all at once?! It’s so tempting to just hide away indoors but Omar’s like a puppy and needs regular exercise. So just go get out of the house we went for a walk today to our local High Street. Bad decision. Not only was the wind stinging our faces but my hair turned into a massive frizzy Afro and threatened to team up with Omar’s Afro to create some sort of super-Afro frizz bomb. 

Anyway, the only one who didn’t get wet was Zaki, who was all cosied up in his pram snulgy and smugly pleased with himself, I’m sure. 


We stopped off in a coffee shop to regroup and allow mine and Omar’s hair to calm the hell down before making the perilous 10 minute journey home. 

Apart from the dreaded soft play has anyone got any ideas for winter activities for toddlers? I’m really not a fan of mud though. 

2 thoughts on “Coffee Stop (Project 366 – Day 14)

  1. It was COLD yesterday!! Well done for going out!!!!
    As for outings in winter…
    Local library? Ours is pretty good and very kid friendly.
    Local toddler groups (but most near me can be a bit cliquey or have a waiting list…)
    Den building indoors (or just a pop up tent, hours of fun and when the kids have had enough, you can dive in there for 5 minutes peace 😂)

    That’s about it really. Coffee and play date with friends perhaps? Or just hibernate…it’ll be spring before we know it 😉

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    1. Oh yes the library is a good idea and within walking distance too. I tend to steer clear of toddler groups because Omar’s behaviour is out of control and he’s not talking yet and I can’t bear the judgement.
      Thanks for the brill ideas 😊 x


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