What a Smile (Project 366 – Day 13)

  Post-bath gorgeousness. 

Frankly I was too cold and tired to do anything much today so I pottered at home with baby Zaki while toddler Omar was at nursery. 

Zaki still can’t sit up unaided so we’ve been working on that today but he isn’t keen and prefers to flop over then cry. 

He hardly sleeps at the minute either. The last 3 nights he’s been waking up around every 20 minutes between midnight and 5am but doesn’t seem to want anything other than comfort. It’s a good job he’s so cute is all I can say…

2 thoughts on “What a Smile (Project 366 – Day 13)

  1. Lovely pic 😊

    You must be exhausted. That’s pretty full on to be up every 20 mins or so at night…I hope it gets easier for you soon. Often no logic to their waking either. I’m no help!

    It was freezing today! Winter has definitely arrived at last.

    Hope you get some sleep tonight!

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    1. Ah thanks!
      I am an absolute zombie to be honest, I can only think he’s teething it he isn’t showing any other signs. If tonight is terrible I’m hiring a nanny, a cook and a cleaner and that’s that! 😂
      I’m leaving the heating on all night tonight so if I do get some sleep I’ll be all toasty ☺️

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