A Really Sad Day (Project 366 – Day 5)

Today has been tough and definitely not a day where there were any opportunities to whip my camera out and take a snap for my blog. In fact it didn’t even cross my mind until just now when I realised I didn’t have a photo for day 5. So here it is:  


A close friend’s mum passed away suddenly today. I’ve known and loved my friend since we were 11. We went to school together, went to Leeds for uni together, went to New York together and grew up together. We don’t see each other all that often now because she lives a few hours away but we text every single day.  

Today we did have plans to see each other, with another close friend we went to school, uni and New York with. But our plans were scrapped and we all ended up at the hospital where my friend’s mum died this morning. 

So in the photo are two cards, one for my friend and one for her mum’s husband. My friend’s real dad died when she was 5. Life’s a real bitch sometimes isn’t it?

The cards look pathetic now but I bought them earlier in a desperate attempt to be there for my friend. To try to show her how much I care, how much I hate that she’s going through this and hurting this much.

There just aren’t any words of comfort to give when something like this happens because the truth is, there’s no comfort to be had. Death is brutal. 

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