Tantruming Toddler (Project 366 – Day 2)

Here’s today’s photo and it sums up the kind of day we’ve had perfectly:


The whole day has been full of tantrums, caused by me stopping my 2 year old from throwing his beaker/fishing soggy crisps out of the bin/wiping soot from the fireplace onto his face/smacking his brother with a wooden spoon… you get the picture. 

Anyway, I plan to make tomorrow a better day. Not sure how yet. 

Oh and I’ve linked my Instagram account to this blog and Twitter now so if you’d like to follow me that would be grand! (Mamaaintraisinnofools- Instagram and @RaisinNoFools- Twitter)

4 thoughts on “Tantruming Toddler (Project 366 – Day 2)

  1. Life as a mom can be so unpredictable. Usually when my husband gets home from work I am covered in baby food and drool waiting to take a shower! Sounds like you have a positive outlook! The great thing about being a mom is tomorrow is always a new day 🙂

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    1. Unpredictable and hard work sometimes! After my 2 year old was being out of control all day my 5 month old decided he wanted to stay awake most of the night! Strong black coffee is probably going to be what today’s all about! Hope your day goes well 😊 xx


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