I’ve Been Outed!

My blog was initially going to be anonymous so that I could moan about my nearest and dearest and they’d never know. But I shot myself in the foot by blogging about my baby’s congenital heart defect and then agreeing for it to be shared on Facebook by a charity that raises money for the unit that saved his life (how could I refuse?!).

Anyway, now pretty much all of my friends and family are aware of my geeky little blog which means two things. Firstly, I can’t slag anyone off godammit and secondly, I will cringe every time I speak to anyone I know in case they’ve read my latest blog post and think it was poxy. 

Never mind. I’m still going to continue with the blog and I’ll try extra hard not to make it boring, like so many of these parent blogs are. (Not yours, if you’ve got one. Yours is marvellous.)

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Outed!

  1. Nowt wrong with your blog,you write really interesting posts and make it yours!Tried to keep mine quiet too,til my boss found it and started commenting on my Instagram and stuff.Can hardly tell him to knob off can I đŸ˜© X

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  2. Ahhh you have nothing to worry about, your blog is so good! But yeah, sucks you can’t bitch about people you know any more! I shoved mine under peoples noses from day dot! I’ll have to use code names should I want to rant. Happy New Year lovely x

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