Be Classy Not Flashy This Christmas!

  I find it really hard to bite my tongue when parents upload photo after photo of  mammoth piles of Christmas presents under the tree on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. 

Yes, I know it’s none of my business how much they buy for their children, but by plastering it all over Facebook and Instagram etc. they are inviting comment and here’s mine: stop it! The photos that is. Buy what you want for your kids but really, why must it be bragged about?!

It’s not that I think their children will become spoilt brats or that I feel Christmas is too commercial these days, they are not the reasons the flashy photos annoy me so much. It’s because I know it makes some parents feel inferior. Like they aren’t giving their children enough, like their kids won’t be as happy as the kids with all the presents in the photos. 

And what are these parents really saying when they upload the photos? What are they hoping to achieve? Comments congratulating them on how much they’ve bought? Pats on the back for buying the whole of Toys R Us and therefore being the greatest most loving parents there are? I can’t help but conclude that it’s just plain and simple showing off. And nobody likes a show off. 

Maybe my kids have got the most obscenely huge pile of presents under the tree, maybe they’ve only got two things each. Nobody will know because I certainly won’t be plastering it all over social media. 

Whether your children have a lot or not so much this year, I hope they have a magical day tomorrow. And to all the struggling parents out there who wish they could’ve given more, don’t worry. We all know it’s the cheapest, most random presents that we remember from our childhoods and not the big extravagant ones. 

Merry Christmas! Xx

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