Hidden Gem

Once in a while I find something so wonderful, that excites me so much, that I want to shout about it and tell everyone I know how great it is. It might be a book, an item of make up, a quirky little independent online shop; anything really. But then once I’ve let my gorgeous find out into the open I almost always regret it, I get sort of jealous and wish it was my little secret again. That’s probably going to happen with this restaurant I’m about to tell you about, but I’m banking on the fact that I have zero followers (and if I ever happen to get a follower, they’re unlikely to go to Hull) to protect it from getting so popular that I can’t get a table anymore.

Kurdistan Restaurant in Hull looks so ropey from the outside that you just know the food is going to be amazing, and it is. Every time I go to Hull (which is around 50 minutes away from where I live and a journey across the Humber Bridge) I try to squeeze in a trip to Kurdistan, which is a little way out of the city centre shopping area. A few days ago I went to Hull with the husband and baby while my oldest boy was at nursery and Kurdistan didn’t disappoint. 

The interior of the restaurant is fairly basic, but clean. The decor is perhaps a little strange but there is plenty to look at while you wait for your food. To be honest, I don’t go there for the ambiance or the decor; it’s all about the food.

Although there are a lot of meat dishes, there is also plenty for vegetarians to choose from too. The bread is fresh and served warm and complimentary delicious traditional Kurdish tea is served after the meal. Win!


  Another win is the price of the food here. These dishes plus two soft drinks cost us £16! Can you believe it?! I’d think there was something suspicious about the source of the food if it weren’t for the fact that it’s so flippin’ tasty and the restaurant is full of Kurdish people eating there. Always a good sign!

The Fall

My two year old slipped on the stairs last Saturday and was left with a huge carpet burn on his face. I’ve been racked with guilt ever since 😔. 

For his age he’s really good at climbing, running and generally storming about being boisterous, so he’s been going up and down the stairs unaided for a while. This was the first mis-hap and because it was on my watch I feel like a massive failure 😭.  

Why do our kids have the ability to make us feel so bad? He’s not doing it on purpose; he doesn’t know he’s doing it. But every time I look at his perfect little face with a massive scabby burn down the middle I feel terrible. Obviously if this had happened to a friend’s child and she was blaming herself I’d tell her to stop being so ridiculous. But I can’t tell myself that for some reason, so I’ll just have to carry on feeling guilty until the scabs fall off. 

Update: the nose scab has fallen off (and is on the loose somewhere in my mum’s house) just leaving the upper lip scab looking like a Charlie Chaplin ‘tache.  


Obsessive Nature

My ever loving mother often tells me she’s sure I have Aspergers Syndrome “like her off the Chase”. Whilst I don’t think I do (I’m very social and not intelligent enough for a start) I can’t deny that I have an obsessive nature.

When I become interested in something new it totally dominates and I HAVE to master it/understand it/beat it/constantly read about it/collect it ALL! And I can’t rest until I do! I usually manage to find an enabler who will indulge me, which is nice. They politely listen to me bang on about the current obsession and sometimes I even manage to drag them in too.

Right now, it’s 5am and instead of snoozing straight after feeding my baby at 4am, I opened up the WordPress App on my phone, downloaded a tutorial on WordPress, watched a couple of videos from said tutorial and then spent ages working out how to add a profile photo and then choosing one. Clearly, none of this could’ve waited until sunrise!

So it seems that my current obsession is WordPress. But don’t worry, usually what happens is the obsession peters out to become a normal healthy interest after a few weeks. Previous obsessions are varied and include crochet, Liverpool FC (more specifically Fernando Torres), face contouring, Emma Bridgewater pottery and prams. There are others that are just too strange to list and frankly, might be cause for concern if you don’t personally know me.

Oh dear, I’ve made myself sound very odd haven’t I? 😐


I’ve wanted to start a blog for ages. I thought it would be a great way to use my brain again, which is something I haven’t really done much of since I stopped working in mid-2013 to have a bubba. I also thought I could share my (bound to be wonderful) ideas here and maybe vent the odd frustration or two (or two million). Then a little while ago one of my besties started blogging and she’s great at it; I got blog envy and that’s what made me actually take the plunge.

But now I’m here and wondering what the deuce to blog about! I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it and be producing witty must-reads soon enough. But until then, bear with…