I Miss Being Vain!

My children are everything and I love the bones of them. I wouldn’t swap them for the world but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss certain things from my pre-mum days. And one of those things is being vain.

I miss looking like this. I miss spending 4 hours getting ready for a night out. Or even just a day out. Or actually, even just going to work. I’ve never been what would be described as conventionally beautiful but I’ve always taken care over my appearance. Despite always having been on the heavier side (ok yeah, I mean fat), I care what I look like and love applying make up.

In my pre-children days I would spend 50 minutes in the shower, exfoliating and conditioning to my heart’s content. No rush, I could stay in that bathroom as long as I liked. Then I’d saunter into my bedroom, put some tunes on and spend hours on my make up, literally hours. 

First I always tweezed my eyebrows and examined my pores in a magnifying mirror for about 20 minutes. Then I’d prime my face with a moisturiser, eye cream and pore minimiser. Next I’d apply concealer and 3 different foundations followed by setting powder. I’ve always enhanced my eyebrows (even before it was fashionable. I am a victim of the 90’s over plucking phenomena) so I’d spend at least 15 minutes on them. Then the eyes; at least 5 eye-shadows, liquid eye-liner, khol eye-liner and individual false lashes. Then highlighter and bronzer. I’d sculpt my face and keep on sculpting until I was happy with it. Last was always the lips. For some reason I never spent much time on them, usually just a couple of lip glosses would do. 

Then onto my hair. Products galore at my disposal, ghd’s and curling wands at the ready, I’d make sure there wasn’t a hair out of place. 


The pre-children me. Although I’ll concede the eyebrows are a bit dodgy here.
These days I’m lucky if I manage a 10 minute shower in peace. Half the time I rush out of the house with 50% wet hair (the other 50% being dry but frizzy). I slap foundation on whilst feeding the baby and hope for the best. I still insist on sorting my eyebrows out (I really can’t go around with sparse eyebrows can I?) but I’m altogether a much less appealing sight than I was before. 

I live in denial. Each day I go out looking a mess I vow that it’s the last day it will happen. ‘I’ll get my act together tomorrow and be glam again’ I tell myself. It doesn’t happen. But it will one day. Probably sometime in 2030.

10 thoughts on “I Miss Being Vain!

  1. Aww bless you as you get older you will get that time back I promise! I know what it feels like been there and done that. Why don’t you try Bare Minerals complexion rescue? It has a primer, moisturiser and a tint (all in one really!) that way your managing your time and then mascara, lip gloss, your done! But always remember this your kids will only be that age once (I totally miss them being that small) so enjoy Hun and your time will come again xxx


    1. Thanks for reading and for your lovely comment. I use Estée Lauder Double Wear because I need a good level of coverage and something that’s oil-free because I have oily skin. Do you think Bare Minerals complexion rescue would be worth trying for me?
      I know I’m moaning in this post but I really wouldn’t swap my kids for all the world and I know it won’t always be like this xxx

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      1. Your not moaning silly lol I know exactly how you feel! Mmm Bare minerals complexion rescue is really for combo skin if your really oily I wouldn’t really recommend. Try Maybelline BB cream that’s amazing for oily skin. I always set my stuff with a face powder (really oily tzone and makeup last for longer!) Mac does some good BB creams too. Remember all counters will offer you a free sample to try (I know bare minerals will!) try it! Your skin may like it! Let me know how you get on and moan away! We understand hunny xxx

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